so I’ve cataloged the frames from 2006 and started 2007. just in case you were concerned that i lose interest in doing the site. anyway the first shots from 07 are from my visit to the new york natural history museum . this might sound like a little of the homogay but i heard that they had a exhibit on butterflies where you are in a conservatory and exotic butterflies fly around you and possibly land on your nose. so i called up the swanson brothers and being that they too love butterflies we all headed over there. i thought it might be some funny video of the site ,but sadly the exhibit was sold out so we just had to walk around the rest of the museum. as some of you might know i tend to get board fast and just kinda fly through the first floor of the museum and then take monkey pictures and head for the bar. oh well maybe next time….

tuesday is the mac world keynote get hype

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