So after what I might call the most stressful birthday of my life (work). I met up with Kate, Megan, and Chris for a quick Birthday drink and dinner at Essex. Then as I mentioned in my last post. Saturday was a joined super gay Birthday event. Megan, Sarah, Kate, Billy and I went to Long Island to Hot Skates for some fun that time forgot called roller skating. As you might expect there were some weird dudes hanging out at the roller rink. Along with a ton of kids. I’m pretty sure there may have been about 35 birthday party’s in progress. I felt like a weirdo creeper just being there. I would have taken more pictures but every time I took out my camera or phone the Hot Skates police (much like public pool lifeguards) came and took me down. There was also Neal HotSkate (owner of HotSkate) standing on the sidelines in a red sweater and a black turtle neck just yelling down happiness whenever possible.

We all then went to Benihana’s and I made you a dport7 video so you could share in the fun. Although I’m guessing you’ve been and may or may not have specific feeling about it. My advice is to embrace it and have the time of your life.

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  1. Your sarcasm is deafening. To bad you decided my Birthday wasn’t important enough to take a bus ride here to join in. Sad.

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