So today I turn 31…….. Can’t say I have feelings about it either way. I’m feeling a pretty solid meh. The word is that tomorrow a few of us are headed out to Long Island to go roller skating at this place called Hot Skate. Then to Benihana. Megan’s birthday is next week so we a doing this joined gayest birthday ever celebration.
Unlike previous years I don’t have any plans to go out and try to get crazy tonight. Maybe instead you could have a drink for me were ever your at. Around 8 pm or so, and tweet it to me. Let’s make this easy!

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  1. Happy Birthday my dear old friend. I think it’s officially the TEN Year Anniversary of the MEAT CLUB!

  2. Hope your birthday was fun. Take it easy on the skates. Take care to not get hurt by one of those crazy knives at Benihana!

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