So this weekend was the NYC marathon. Kate and I went over to 4th ave to check it out. It’s about the 8 mile marker of the race so people should still be pretty fresh considering they still have 18 miles to go. Turns out that is not true. To be fair we got over there kinda late so we most likely saw the second half of the race, but people were hurting. I took some pictures of stupid people in costumes. I find this to be the single dumbest thing you could do in a race like this. For the love of God people isn’t this hard enough already?!!!! Anyway enjoy.
We are still recovering from our sickness so this all I got for you.

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  1. I’m keeping this on my bucket list. So running dressed as buttFUZZ would be ill advised?

  2. Dressing as buttFuzz is highly advised. Running is also advised. The combination is nothing but disaster. I’m sorry.

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