Well everyone it’s the first real post of 2007 and i have nothing but fun for you.

1. you might have noticed a few little tweaks here on the site. new background new banner ( which will be a much better design once i get un lazy) and a new rendering of the robot. with any luck 2007 will bring a whole new meaning to robot heaven along with some more/ better content.

2. for those of you that love dport7 but are finding it hard to leave your desktop and open a browser, does the staff have the ticket for you. the all NEW First Version of the DPORT7 WIDGET!!!!! (click to download) so those of you running OSX tiger will be able to quickly and easily check out what’s new on dport7 (pictures included) sorry no video yet. this being the first version i haven’t added any graphics yet but new versions to come soon. for now enjoy

3. what is UP with this F’n weather man. today it was 70 degrees here in Brooklyn. i took the opportunity to make good on my new years resolution and get back to skateboarding. surprisingly it came back pretty quick and i’m hopping to find some good places in the area to skate. the weather although is a bit unnerving. of course it was much more fun to skate then sit in my apartment and freeze…… anyway that’s all i got. if you want to skate with me some time let me know. (tyson i’m looking at you on this one.)

4. monday is mac world get excited…. please god iphone….. please!!!!!!

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