So it’s been a tough week. Kate and I have had the sickness that is ravaging NYC. My entire office is sick. They’ve been dropping like flies all week.

Anyway last Sunday Kate and I had to fix the sink because after a month or so of ignoring the fact that it was taking longer and longer to drain it stopped all together. Now I know how much you love when I make boring videos. I was sure to get this one on tape for you. Remember that video I did of that guy drilling out the lock on our door? That was boring BTW this was another video shot, edited, and posted all on the phone. I love this thing! Totally edited this on my way home on the subway. Enjoy!

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  1. What a delightful romp into the realm of plumbing! You’re nobody until you’ve removed your u-trap.

  2. Brilliant. Feel better guys. I believe to prevent further build up in the future, you can occasionally dump baking soda down the pipes and then pour some vinegar afterwards. You’ll get that fizzling action. Let it simmer for like 15 minutes. Then pour boiling water down to rinse it all. Repeat if necessary. It leans toward a cheaper preventive action.

  3. I do hope both of you are feeling better. I did enjoy your plumbing adventure. Maybe watching a few episodesof “This Old House” will help with further home projects. Anyway, is the sink fixed? Love to both.

  4. Everyone,
    So yes the sink is fixed. It didn’t work right away. The brushing loosened it up a bit. Then a round of drain-o really cleared things out.

    Jay: thanks for the vinegar and baking soda tip. Might need to use that on the tub soon.

    Aaron: thanks for giving us the courage to fight this thing.

    Mary: Is Bob Vila still trolling hardware stores looking for projects? The man is a legend.

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