copy write infringement is a load for hose puckie man….. I know a lot of you could care less about this stuff and to be honest i usually don’t care either…. however last week viacom turned the screws on youtube and demanded they pull done 100,000 videos from the site clamming copy write infringement….. now i’m note really a huge fan of youtube either. most of it consists of highschool kids lip sinking and video’s of scuba diving cats. but the one and only thing i loved about youtube was it was the only place left on the net to watch silf and olly…. the show that defined a generation… so on saturday i was feeling a little down and though “why not watch some sifl and olly to cheer me back up” I go to you tube do my search and find it’s been “taken down because of copy write infringement”…. this is bullshit man!!!!!!! I love that show and now viacom has to come along with their pack of lawyers to be mr killjoy for young america……. here’s what i’m saying if they release sifl and olly on DVD i would buy it in a heart beat, but THEY HAVEN’T DONE THAT!!!!!! what has this world become? i’ll tell you, a bunch of greedy toolbags unwilling to let people appreciate others work with out paying every sent they think they’re owed…. I think the moral of the story here is if your ganna be greedy for the love of god at least give me the chance to pay for it!!!!
in honor of sifl and olly and copy write infringement here’s a clip i ripped from youtube just last weekend…. it’s one of my favorites and i’ll miss all the fun we could have had together youtube (tears fall to the keyboard)

(double click to play)

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