This weekend was truly exhausting. Kate and I repainted the spare room in the apartment. It was a blood read before painted by the pervious tenants. It looks like they must have stole a can of paint from a homeless man then just throw it at the wall with their eye closed. Even the picture below shows what an incredibly bad job they did. We used Benjamin Moore Aura which is amazing. If you ever have to paint a room please use this paint. It almost did the job in a single coat. Very impressed. The room is a clean light grey now and it makes a world of difference. Come on by and check it out. I’ll take a better shot with the wide angle this weekend when it’s nice and sunny.

We also participated in a 5K in the Bronx this weekend. It was to help me prepare for my 10K on the 22nd (this Saturday). I wasn’t repaired for the off road running that was this 5K. All up hill all on gravel. I have to say I much prefer the asphalt loop around the park. No chance of my old skateboard ankles going out.


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  1. Great that you ran the 5k! Sorry to hear it was a gravel course. Gravel is really tough. The good news is it will make the 10k seem even easier b/c it is a paved course! Lookie there a bright side.

  2. Awesome job guys, it looks great! But how did you find time to do this if you were busy occupying Wall Street?

  3. @John Diehl
    There is a broken shitty ladder on the stair case that leads to the roof. It’s pretty broken and dangerous but it got the job done. And that’s how I have a ladder.

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