does your apartment remind you of a prison. mine does… white walls no posters no art just off white. it looks like you just moved in last weekend and when people come over they flip you a quarter and tell you to get an education and do something with your life….. well dport7 faithful i found us a solution that could possibly be free. it’s called rastorbator. It’s a online app that let’s you take any image under 1MB and turn it into a wall mural. It takes the image turns it into dots so you get an optical mixed huge wall poster of just about any image you want. i did a test this morning and it worked great. so if you have an office job with a fast laser printer this is the cool, stay a little late and print out a 40-120-1000 page mural before you go home…I’m still looking for the right image but when i find it I’ll let you see what i’ve done.

here’s an example of what i’m talking about… so get ready

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