This weekend was the annual Bear Mountain Oktoberfest trip. As we have done the past few years we took the Metro North to the Peakskills stop. We had a good group this year and as always the trip was a full success. There were a few highlights though. Ben made a special trip all the way from San Francisco for the day. Kate and Megan gave Sarah a Sons Of Anarchy type leather jacket with a “Full Patch” wolf and feather. Which was amazing. I had a waffle.
Every year as a group we make a pact. After Bear Mountain when we get back to Grand Central the group will disperse and rather than trying to keep the party going in a vain attempt we will all go home. I’m saying in this public forum that I did everything in my power to keep that pact. However others in the group broke under party pressure. We visited Heathers and forced the day on for another hour or so. It turns out Hearhers maybe closing due to neighbor complaints of noise so in the minds of the pact breakers this was reason enough to visit.
All in all it was a great day! Thanks to everyone that made it out. And to those that missed it, for shame!!!!

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  1. Sounds fun. I want to hear more about this waffle though. Was butter involved? Maple syrup? Powdered sugar? Was it a Belgian waffle or a more standard waffle?

  2. Nevermind. I just saw the picture of the waffle. What a neat waffle! Who da thunk it! Ice cream on waffles!

  3. I hope you comments are not in jest my friend. I had a waffle (not pictured it was ice cream free) right before we left Oktoberfest and it indeed saved my life that night like Sugar Bear!

  4. I take waffles pretty seriously. Have we never broached this topic in all of our years as common enemies? A new wrinkle to the old dance, “friend.”

  5. @Krissy- thanks for the encouragement. It’s been really tough lately to get out there. Although the run this morning was pretty good. I’m going through a pretty bad lazy phase. I want to try to do a 10k this weekend to keep thing going for November 22.

  6. I thought the race was October 22nd? Take it easy this weekend if you do a 10k race. Your legs aren’t as used to the work out so stretch, stretch, stretch! 🙂 Oh and glad to hear the run this morning was good.

  7. Shit your right! It is October 22. I’ll be ok. I did the 10k once be for. Not to bad just really tired after. I don’t eat right before a run because I want to lose as much weight as possible.

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