so if you haven’t heard it’s cold and flu season. and it got me on wednesday. i went down hard and didn’t even get to stay home from work because i had so much due. hey that’s the way of the world though. the thing that really upsets me though is that i’m sick here over the weekend. i like so many other cherish my weekends like gold handed to me by god with the explicit intent to try and have some fun. to pass the sick time i finally got around to watching Snakes on a Plane……. I’ve been thinking about watching this one for along time and never got around to it. was it good you ask? well if you go into to it knowing its a fluff pass of time movie then you’ll like it…. i thought it would be a bit more 80’s campy. it was but in a less intended way. what makes something 80’s campy? 1. stupid 2. pointless nudity 3.bad music 4. hot chicks 5. Booger……… Snakes on a Plane only really had 1 and 2. In short download it on bit torrent save your money, but don’t be too mature to enjoy it. oh yeah i put a clip of the best part of the movie in here for you to enjoy as much as i did….. oh wait more copyright infringement.

I’ve also relegated myself to watching vh1 classics 100 1 hit wonders again. check out the list and save yourself 5 hours.

(double click to play)

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