Incase you missed this and I don’t know how you could. Nike actually made the Back To The Future II shoes that Michael J. Fox wears in 2015. What makes these so awesome? They glow for one. More importantly they have POWER LACES!!!! I talked to Big John last night and we both agreed this was indeed a dream come true. Of course there is a downside. It a limited edition shoe. They are being auctioned on ebay and they are going for no less that $2000. Balls! The good news about the auction is that the proceeds are going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Check out the videos and live the dream. It’s cool

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  1. Wait a minute I thought we sold off the sweatshop to American Apparel? Dport7 legal I thought you were handling this!!!!!!!!!!!! For the love of god do SOMETHING!!!!

  2. As always that’s about the response I expected. BTW in this economy keeping you on retainer is killing the site. NOT COOL!!!!

  3. I have no qualms in saying these do nothing for me. They are fug. and Marty McFly did it much better.

  4. Pyramid Schemez,
    don’t apologize. Your right without power laces this is bullshit! Nike lets me down again. If anything they are out of line!

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