So how about a general update, things I’ve been meaning to mention but haven’t gotten around to.
First up and always top of mind i have a dport7 treat update for you. as we all know dumpy has gone missing from the site and is feared dead after the site redesign. to fill that gap the IT staff has finally gotten around to producing a killroy version. if you don’t know what this means it’s a osx icon you can place on the right hand side of your dock to give you an express connection to it’s like a web bookmark in your dock. so DOWNLOAD it now and drag it to the dock then place the one that remains on your desktop into your documents folder.

I have a couple of websites to plug. first (and I’m really late on this one) is dport7’s own professor (formerly uncle urb) and allison are tying the not and he’s dedicated a website to keeping you up to date on the entire process. check it out and for the love of god sign the guestbook they love that.
second is a little site called heats and laserbeams. it’s my fast friend steph calvert and her newly married self. she’s been liked on dport7 for a while but i wanted to alert you all to her new improved site. take notice it have robots. hummmmm the influence of dport continues????????? probably not.

Lastly last night i was out to a co-worker’s birthdays birthday party down on the lower east side. the bar was called ACE. man was it packed. unfortunately all there was room to do was hold a beer close to the vest. as you may know i’m a tall drink of water and i need to stretch my shit out. if the music is good this lanky white boy needs room to move. lucky for me the music wasn’t very good. spent most of the night making fun of this guy playing pool who couldn’t figure out weather to wear his hood half way on or a hat….. tool bag.

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