Singapore: Day 4:
So after some strong suggestions Kate and I made our way to the Singapore Zoo. Let me just come right out and say this! The Singapore Zoo is completely amazing. Why you ask? Well, you know how when you go to the zoo and all the animals are hiding in the back of their habitats? Well not here pal! Check out some of the pictures. I have incredibly closeup pictures and video of lions, cheetahs, and yes of-course monkeys.
So many monkeys in fact that Kate was able to get over here monkey hate from Bali. One in particular was the Capuchin. This little guy posted below was the best. I’m pretty sure he wanted to come home with us. He stood on this limb and made little chirping noises at us. Then as we walked along the cage he’d follow us….. guess you had to be there.

We met up with everyone at the office later in the day for dinner. Although I had my camera sadly I was sooooooo tired from the Zoo and trying to stay on Singapore time I was falling asleep at the table. Hence I totally difft it and didn’t get shots with everyone. poo.

Singapore: Day 5:
This being our last day there was no way we were about to slow down. We visited the Singapore Botanical Gardens which Ian and Pink live across the street from. They have a unique Orchid Garden so as you may imagine good for pictures. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

We then went to the biggest most ridiculous structure I’ve ever seen. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino. I can’t even describe how large this place is. The first thing you see is the three towers that hold up a boat looking structure called the Sky Park. You can buy a ticket and go to the top. There is a pool for guest only, but a good half of the deck is open for tourists to explore the view. It was incredible to be up there. Great unobstructed views that rendered us speechless. We found a bar up there on the Sky Park and had a little lunch and a drink. Totally worth the ticket.
There is another HUGE building that sits in front of the towers that is a the mall and casino. The spiky building your seeing in the pictures is an art museum. All the countless other construction I have no idea but it looks as if things are going well for Singapore.

We ended our trip with dinner near Pink and Ian’s place. We have to give one more gigantic THANK YOU!!!! to the Swanson’s for helping to make this trip so exceptional. We never would have experienced a 1/16th of what we did without them. Along with getting to meet little baby Adinda and see how well our old friend’s new family is doing. They all seem so happy and Kate and I couldn’t be happier for them. Hooray Swanson’s of Singapore!!!!

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  1. Judging by the photos, Singapore’s architecture is just disassembled parts from a gigantic race of space robots. Also, that’s a cute looking otter.

  2. To be fair the Sands is a bit strange. But in general the Architecture is way more interesting than what we have in New York.
    Oh the Otter was otter control my friend.

  3. Marty Mar,
    How lucky I am to have sooooo many people to proof read my posts. Even with it seeming to distract from what the posts are about. I thank you for your service and the correction has been made.
    Dport7 staff

  4. Orchids are very sensitive to all sorts of environmental factors. Which is to say, I once had an orchid and killed it within three weeks (a record for me).

  5. Agreed. I need to get one of those glass bells/domes the next time I try to grow an orchid. You back in NYC? Jetlagged?

  6. Adinda is so cute!! She has the cutest facial expressions. Love the pictures of the animals, they are so beautiful!

  7. Alison! Haven’t seen you around dport7 in a long time! Glad you still visit. Also glad you like the pictures. It’s hard to take a bad one of that baby.

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