crazy martin schmedt was in for a visit this weekend. for a job interview, we hung out on friday and ended up at the turkey’s nest in williamsburg brooklyn were you can get a Styrofoam cup/bucket of beer for $4.50. it’s a dangerous this the bucket of beer but I knew i had to beware because saturday i was leaving for paintball at 7:30am…… the picture martin took advantage of my short hair and gave me nuggies and that wasn’t cool.

man oh man am i exhausted. it was the second annual Nice (ltd) Paintball trip. just like last year i’m still out of shape and now i’m feeling it today. i always wonder why i put myself through getting shot and bruised. to be honest i’m not sure i guess it’s just the excitement of trying to survive in the game. either way i always lose weather by getting shot or the next morning when i wake up in old man crippling pain. the good new is that i had a great time, nice is always a great group to go with and and my team was strangely very talented. looking back I don’t know is i successfully shot anyone.

and of course HAPPY birthday Jenn Norwood. show’n another year how it’s done.

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