Bali day 2
You would think after my last post that maybe Bali couldn’t hold up for another day. Well you’d be wrong.
For lunch we went to this place called the Dirty Duck. I know what your thinking and Kate and I were thinking it to. Turns out the Dirty Duck is this huge beautiful restaurant that sits on a rice patty. It’s really indescribable. The food was good Ian and I got the Duck and the ladies got a seafood dish. I would totally recommend this place just based on its decor alone.

Listen I know I’m posting a lot of Monkey pictures but it was really fun to be up close to these little guys. We went to the Monkey Forest a jungle park where the monkeys hang out and tourists walk through with little bananas and feed them. The thing you have to understand is that monkeys are smart. They understand how the situation should go. Human have bananas and monkey take bananas. It’s important that you show the monkey you don’t have any bananas. Which means keep your hands out of your bags and pockets. Kate learned this the hard way. She reach in her bag and a little baby monkey came running at her. This was the beginning of the end for Kate. Even though the monkey understood from her screaming there were no bananas here, she was shaken up

After the monkey forest we went to the shops and markets. Apparently the market was the same one featured in “Eat Pray Love”. Kate turned out to be quite the bargainer in the market playing hardball with the locals and truly making America proud.

At end the day Ian and Pink took us to the most amazing beach bar/pavilion I’ve ever dreamed of. It’s called Potato Head (don’t let the name fool you) it is hands down the best designed place I’ve ever been. Everything about the place was cool. The furniture the bar the pool the restaurant the pillows on the couches. The attention to detail was like something I’ve never seen. What made it even more amazing, for being the coolest place on earth it felt completely comfortable. You weren’t worried about how cool you looked or if you belonged there or not. The best vibe ever.
If your going to go to Bali go with some one like Pink and Ian. Not only did they have a baby to take care of, they took great care of us. I really don’t think we can ever thank them enough.

Day 3:Singapore
We flew back from Bali in the morning and got back to Singapore around noon. Had a little lunch and took a quick nap. Then Kate and I walked down Orchard street in Singapore where all the main high end malls are. Singapore is known for it shopping as well as it’s lack of culture. They’ve turned the island in to a shopping mall pack with every American, European, and Asian super brand that exists. I think if we didn’t already have that in NYC it might have been more compelling but we kinda found it off putting. We walked the length of Orchard St. to end up at the Nice Ltd offices. One word WOW! I’ll stop there as I don’t like to involve work in the blog. It was great to see a lot of friends there that used to be in the NYC office. It was the end of the day so things were slowing down but the vibe seemed really good. I only got a few pictures sadly.
We then went for dinner in the River Side Point area. The autumn festival is going on so that’s what all the funny pictures of the big papers figures are. It was beautiful everything all lite up. For dinner we wet to a seafood restraunt and had Chile Crab apparently a Singapore must have.

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  1. Really incredible pics, Paul. Looks amazing enough for me to ignore the countless typos, spelling errors, et cetera. Hope you’re both having a wonderful time. “Hi Ian, Pink + Baby.”

  2. To be fair I’m typing this all out on my phone. Thanks for cutting me a break.
    I’ll do a proof read on the way home.

  3. Wow Paul! It looks like an amazing trip; although having said that, I find your written blog posts entirely impossible to decipher. Unlike Brian, I cannot ignore the offensive level of typographical and grammatical errors. Are one of those monkeys writing your posts? Is the monkey actively being sexed by another monkey while writing the post? What the crap is going on?!?

  4. Dear “Jew”,
    Dport7 apologizes for the issues you are having with reading Paul’s posts. We will be sending a representative to your home later to help you deal with the issues. Best not to struggle. Our representative has a way of making things seem more clear through the clarity of punches.
    Good day.

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