Let me just start out by saying this is the most amazing trip we’ve ever been on. I’m sitting in our villa accomidationis in Bali typing this out. As you can see in the pictures there are two rooms on either end of a outdoor living space. There is a reflecting pool to sit by and dip in as well.
Ian, Pink, and Adinda took us to a Monkey temple where unlike a zoo we were able to get up close to the monkeys and take great pictures. The temple is only still partially in use from what I could tell. I had to wear a sarong because my shorts where to short and may offend the gods. There where beautiful views of the cliff sheer coast. And we even got to see some monkey sex.
We then went to a private beach were we had to take a little cart down the side of the cliff to get there. Seeing this was a unique situation. So we rented one of the beautiful cabanas for the afternoon. In an odd twist the ocean water wasn’t warm on this side of the island even with out location only being a stones throw from the equator.
After a lovely after noon we went to the most amazing resort complex I’ve ever seen. They have a place called the Rock Bar that is right on the water. Everything was completely amazing.

However I will say this. If you planning on visiting Bali driving is crazy. See picture of father ridding scooter with two daughters tied to him. Wow.

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