Ok everyone it’s time for the spring time dport7 super charge. First off THE STICKERS ARE HERE!!!!!! as you can see I’m excited. i’ve got 1500 so i’m ready to hand them out to you the dport7 faithfull to spread them around your respective cities. i was thinking they should be in every dive bar bathroom in the nation, but i’ll leave it up to you. so send me an email with your address and i’ll get some out to you.

Second and this is HUGE i have added a crazy cool magic like feature to the frames section. i decided not to bring back the slide show this year because it was just too slow. so instead i installed this thing called lightbox. I could explain it but check it out for yourself. The main thing is that for it to work you have to let the entire page load before you click on an image. for the nerds out there the entire effect is done without flash it’s 3 external pages of javascript. CRAZY!!!. I really like it and i think it finally makes the frames page works the way it should. please enjoi and let me know what you think.

Last (and this was awesome) on thusrday i went to see my new favorite singer/songwritter Corn Mo. this guy is uber tallented and if you get a chance to see him take it he puts on a great rock show and if his band is with him (.357 lover) it’s even better and more intense rock. nicole and ian joined me at the knitting factory for the show and even though they wern’t as crazy onto it as i was i think we all agreed it was indeed worth the time and money. i kinda nerded out and got my picture with corn mo. nicole was trying to be cool about it and talk for a while and then take the shot but all i could think of was blogging with a picture of me and corn mo. i’m a tool

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