I feel as if I need to record this are it is my first experience with the natural event that is the almighty EARTHQUAKE. Today at about 2:03pm I was sitting at our office lunch table with a group of coworkers and all of the sudden the table started to shake back and forth as if someone was pushing it with their foot. This was strange because the table is connected to the countertop and is also bolted into the cement floors. After a moment someone asked who was doing that and then we started to feel that same movement in the stools we were siting in. That’s when we all screamed “earthquake?” in a sort of incredulous bark. After getting up from the table and walking into the office I could see the track on the ceiling that holds up a dividing curtain swaying as if someone had jumped up and hit it. This is when the fact that I had really experienced my first earthquake sunk in. In that moment a low rumble of freak out came over me. Although it wasn’t a large enough quake to cause any real damage it was enough to give me a strange feeling of powerlessness. One of which it became clear how little control you have over random events of nature.
For more information on this 5.8 whopper check out the NY Times.

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  1. Much the same experience here. We thought someone was moving stuff on the floor below us. Then as it continued we looked at each other and said “You felt that right?”

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