Last night Kate and I went to a Terrarium workshop in (wait for it) Greenpoint Brooklyn. I know this may surprise you but it was pretty fun. It was only about an hour long and they had all the supplies neatly organized for us and no one was over bearing as so often are in these situations. This all started because as you may know Kate got a hand blown Terrarium for her birthday and she wanted to get a little starter course on what it’s all about. Apparently they are pretty low maintinance so I’m taking mine to work to try and brighten up my industrially sad desk. Check out our creations below.
Check out the workshop as well TWIG

Kate’s Terrarium

Paul’s Terrarium

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  1. I’m can’t help but assume that Paul’s terrarium is telling the story of a man who broke his wife’s leg, then dared her find a way out of the giant glass cage he had built for her. Here we see him staring at her with contempt smugness, forgetting that he too is trapped inside the very same glass cage.

    Epic, Paul.

  2. @ Jew- Brilliant as always. You nailed it!
    @Krissy- Thanks, I have it here at work and it’s really helping…

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