What a huge weekend!!!! My brother Dr. John Diehl threw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field in Chicago home to the Chicago Cubs.
Kate and I had quite a whorl wind weekend spending Friday in the IL country side visiting Kate’s family. Then heading back into the city on Saturday morning to drop off our rental car and stash our stuff at Brian Lauvray’s house. Then run to Wrigley Field. We got there in plenty of time and got to go down on the field with everyone before the pitch. Then with the help of the crazy telephoto lens I borrowed from Billy was able to get some great close up shots of John living the dream.
After the game we met at the Cubby Bear across the street for some hangout time. It was great to get to see and meet everyone.
Then Kate and I head back to Brian’s place to visit and crash!!!
Big thanks and congratulations to JOHN!!!!!!!!!! We had the BEST time EVER!


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  1. Congrats to Dr. John! I’m not sure what “the first pitch” is, or why there is a field in Chicago named after chewing gum, or what baby bears have to do with any of it, but congratulations all the same!!!

  2. @jew I would expect nothing less from you. Well done as always

    @Megan, Thanks. I had no idea Billy even owned this crazy lens. It really saved the day. Can’t wait to do a bit more with the shots.

  3. I still can’t believe Big John was offered a 15-day contract by the Cubs and White Sox.

  4. Well you guys are officially having the best summer ever. I’m gonna shoot straight from the hip now. I’m totes jellies and Lauvray sucks for that BJ cap. CUBS WIN!!

  5. You know how Brian loves giving the BJs their props!
    It was a soild good time at Wrigely!!!

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