So it’s been a while since I’ve posted an arbitrary buttFUZZ video. The thing is my camera takes such beautiful video and I never use it. When buttFUZZ starts acting crazy it’s video time. Also as we all know one more cat video is just what the internet has been waiting for!

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  1. Was that T-Rex in the background music category? Had no idea buttFUZZ was a Mark Bolan fan.

  2. Yes, that was T-Rex…. For be fair buttFUZZ didn’t pick the music. She’s more of a News fan from “Huey Lewis and the News”
    This Brooklyn heat is making us all crazy!

  3. Ah, I see. Count on butt FUZZ to like the News. T.Rex is much better, natch. Is buttFUZZ coming to the game on Saturday?

  4. Yes buttFUZZ will be there! We got the bastard alittle cat cubs shirt. It’s incredible!!

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