well it finally happened after 6 albums and countless years of wishing your favorite beastie boys fan is finally going to see them in concert. that’s right on august 9th at mc carren park in brooklyn i will be fulfilling a life long dream of seeing one of the best band/rap groups to ever rock the mic. (now a brief history) when i was in high school during the end of the grunge area and the middle of the dave matthews choke hold I found hello nasty to be a welcome change. after learning that album front to back i moved on to the rest of the albums one after another until i knew every beastie boys song released. Why? well the songs have a kind of mantra that preaches fun and being goofy and not taking things to seriously. it was just what i needed to hear back then and probably what i still need today. “Well I’m a freaky streaker like Winnie the Pooh T-shirt and no pants and I dance the bugaloo”. with lyrics like that how can you not love them. New album out in july and I’m excited!!!

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