so the bad new is that i’m still sick….. but i’m starting to feel a bit better tonight. which is good because if i had to go through another week of work all sick i would have gone crazy. because of this prolonged sickness my activities have been on hold and as such not much to blog about. now the good news. i received my beastie boys tickets last night along with reserving tickets to see the format in august 21 which is exciting. on saturday kate and i tried to get a bit of sun at the park and then upon kate’s request went to go see La Vie En Rose a french film about the life of Edith Piaf who was a famous french singer in the 30’s and 40’s. It was unexpectedly good mainly because she had such a tumultuous life filled with drugs tragedy and fame. that kind of movie is always good even if it’s in french. i think this only proves that culture in small doses can be pretty good even though i try so hard to avoid it. hopefully i’ll be better this week and will have pictures to share soon.

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