this week has been intense!!!! for real. besides having a big project going on at work all week i still found time to do some extra curricular activities. tuesday night kate and i were invited by nicole to the gallery party were she works. it was what you might expect from a gallery party epicly cool with a crowed that only comes to that kind of event. a few of the artists were at the party and nicole showed us around the gallery and kindly explained all the art. this shot is the space and more in frames …. check it out totally kinda art cool.

on thursday night i went to the new website launch party at TODA (check it out). for those of you keeping score today was my first job here in new york. as you know i keep intouch with some of the staff and it was great to see everyone again and be back up in the office. as far as the web site goes i think it’s great it’ much more information rich and a bit more immersive than the last site. i was excited.

thursday also brought the fond fair-well to the Anderson’s Phil and Leena. kate and i met them for a good bye drink at the rose and stone in columbus circle. it’s sad to see friends leave the city but kate and i tried hard to convince them that Burlington vermont is going to be fun relaxing and a quality of life few can afford in this town. dport7 wishes you luck and we look forward to coming up to see you soon.

friday was Eban’s birthday so we were out and about. the kid made it to 24. way to go pal

lastly i sent all day saturday cleaning my apartment; a move out quality clean. it took all day but this place is a nice now and it really needed it. by the way tyson got an iPhone and i can’t sleep. yeah no your right that’s sad.

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