happy 4th of july from dport7 everyone

so today i woke up early (because i’m crazy) and went down to the fifth ave. apple store to checked out the iPhone. as you all know it is amazing. the screen is like a dream of endless ice cream and kitten (for those of us that aren’t lactose intolerant and like kittens). it’s so sharp it doesn’t even look like a screen it just looks real. everything else you might have heard is true it works flawlessly and even the typing isn’t too bad although i had some frustrating moments few times. the part i was most excited to see was how dport7 looked on it. i was impressed to say the least. the site comes up in all its glory and just tapping on the text zooms in to fit that area to the screen and it so easy to read i caught my own blog spelling errors. i was excited to go to the frames portion of the site to see if the picture magic thing i installed early this year worked. my jaw dropped right to the floor when IT DID. for all you secret computer nerds out there this was huge. i was a little surprised though that after probably 15 minutes of standing there playing with it i wasn’t dyeing to throw my $600 at the sales person and run out the door with it. it feels as if it could do so much more. most of the cool features on the device use the internet and with AT&T;’s edge network being so slow i’d be relegated to using it in my living room on my wi-fi network sitting right next to my laptop. before i throw my $600 at a iPhone i need some 3rd party FTP apps for loading pictures to the blog and a data network (edge) that doesn’t blow…. although it’s still hard not to run back there and play with it one more time.

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