So I don’t usually post stuff from work be it that it is a top secret type area similar to Area 51. But, this nerd out is too big to ignore. Yesterday we received our render farm. In simple terms it’s a bunch of high powered computers I will network together to render very large images substantially faster. What you’re looking at is 10 12core Mac Pro’s. I’m yet to see but my guess a rendering that takes my single machine 12-14 hour to complete will be done in 30min on this set up. Crazy!

So I have some shots of that render farm all hooked up and running. I didn’t want to leave you hanging.

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  1. I haven’t visited dport7 in a week, and this is what you give me? Oh Paul…..

  2. Damn. That would make a sexy room divider if you stacked ’em right.

  3. Let me say this. The whole this is kinda terrifying! Wasn’t all together sure it would all work. Although, so far so good. And yes when I start my own render business I will use them to divide a room.

  4. That stack……………..sheesh will you upgrade to 4×4 ? Seriously this is a dream, i’d love to see some maxwell benchmarks. AWESOME

  5. Simon,
    So it does a clear jar at 3000X3000px in about 2 hours. It really changes how much you can get done at a high-resolution. I don’t think there is any plan to go to 4X4. I for one don’t want to stack mac pros that high. Thanks for the interest.

  6. Hi! I’m looking to purchase vintage pros and make a mac stack much like you’ve done here (to work on a big math problem on a small budget). Any advice? Was 3 high ever a problem? Are you still running this rig or do you have a little trash can on your desk now? Thanks!

  7. I know this is an old post. If you’d already spending the bucks you might as well have had a cabinet made, or just pick up a wire rack. It makes servicing a machine that’s in the middle somewhere a hell of a lot easier than cutting those zip ties every time! I have four pros on a custom cart with locking wheel, and it’s fantastic to be able to move the whole thing around when upgrading networks and so on. You realize you’ve got over 80lbs on those poor soft aluminum cases at the bottom? Awesome render power you’ve got there.

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