with the city such a buzz about the 52 annual dport7 Short Shorts Party it’s become hard to go out in public. everywhere i go people are clamering for invites and information about the party where it’s at and when they can show up. lucky for you your smart enough to come to the site. click on the link below for all the information you’ll need to rock the hottest summer party in town!

in other new i went back to defiance ohio last weekend to see the family. it was my grandfathers 90th birthday so kate and i decided to fly in for the occasion. long story short it was great to be involved in such a big birthday, i get culture shock everytime i go home and my parent are farming kittens i think the offical count is 15. I took a few pictues right before we headed back for the airport so you could all se the desolet area i came from. i’ll throw them in frames. this is a shot of our run down barn just because around brooklyn you don’t see a barn everyday.
oh just a quick work of advice don’t fly NWA they are for lack of better words assholes! aparently their solution for someone that has been waiting in line so long they’er going to miss their flight is “yeah i can’t help you….. sorry” and “yeah….. my shift just ended when you walked up to the counter…… good luck” wow with customer service like they should write a how to piss off customers handbook….. not cool

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