all that build up can be a dangerous thing…… i know i got a bit anxious when new york magazine predicted SSP07 was going to be the biggest party of the summer. well it turns out the expectation were right on because this years party was just as good if not better than ever. the weather couldn’t have been better and the budweiser couldn’t have been colder. short shorts far out numbered the pants and as far as i know everyone had a great time. i want to send a big thanks out to those of you who have made it the past three years (you know who you are) and all the first timers that threw caution to the wind to wear short shorts out in manhattan. of course a special thanks to everyone that came in from out of town for the event.
As you may know the party started at around 9:30-10pm and went to the wee hours of the morning(4:30am). as i sit here trying to recount the nights events i find it hard to tell. an event of this magnitude it difficult to describe. so i’ll say check out the pictures i have a special link below, because I’m starting a short shorts party pictures section where you can look at pictures of the last 3 years. So far I just have 07 up but the other years will follow shortly. the winner of the ssp was a tie. Sara won for shortest shorts while kate won the spirit award for hardest partier. Jon (jew) won for number of naps taken, and tyson won/lost for tightest pants. other than that thanks again everybody i really had a great time! please please please if you have pictures send them to me and i’ll put them up.

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