What to blog about? The heat? Last weekend? The presidential debates? bridges colapsing? movies? does any of it really seem that interesting? I don't know about you but blogging once a week about going to the bar or the occasional movie just seems too tired for words. Does this mean dport7 has seen the end of the road? Maybe, but maybe it just means the topics need to be more diverse. Yeah let's try that for a while and if it works we'll keep this thing going. if not? Well I'll stop paying for server space I guess. I don't about you but I've stopped reading this tripe.
If you get the chance pick up the new wilco album its a bit slow but i've been listening to it a lot and its pleasant to say the least. I've also really been enjoying the new spoon album. I know your not all spoon fans but its packed with feel good songs that keep you going all day. Although if you hate spoon this album isn't going to change your mind.

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