vacation day 4
we started out at fog island for breakfest before going out on the fishing boat. Then kate’s phone rang and is was the charter saying it was too windy and the sea was too dangerouse so the trip was cancelled, on account of the wind blowing to hard and rough water. In a panic we got on google and looked up some other trips and found a guy named captain mark who agreed to take us out on his boat the “just do it too”. lucky for us he said he had to keep it in the bay area. Keeping in the bay turned out to mean we were only able to catch scrogg which are pictured below. I think it turned out for the best because even in the some what calm waters of the bay Kate and I felt a bit sea sick. Who caught more fish you ask? Well kate pulled down a triumphant 4 srcogg while I caught 3. That’s 7 altogether and that’s just weird. 7. Being it was kinda windy and cold we came back to the guest house and laid out in the back yard. One would think in this case I would be free of screaming children. If I was they would be letting me win……and they can’t let that happen. as I drifted in and out of sleep in the warm glow of the evening sun the child in the backyard next door was screaming bloody murder about god knows what. As if a limb was being cut off with a wet rope. I could hear the adult trying to reason with the brat about what ever they wanted. I think it finally stopped when the constant screams deprived the oxygen to the kids brain and he passed out. Thank god. The day ended with kate and i getting some pizza a bottle of wine and reading questions from trivia pursuit. I passed out, don’t know what happened to kate. Only one more vacation blog left we leave monday.

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