so this week is crazy. kate and i got back from Nantucket on Monday night kinda late because of course too much traffic going into JFK. after a long cab ride home (i’d rather not discuss) it was after 12 before i got back. So then tuesday night we were off to see the format. They were playing at webster hall and i’m pretty sure they let high school out early tuesday to accommodate. yeah it’s a little embarrassing that i’m the oldest guy at the show but i can’t help it they have catchy songs. when kate and i got there we headed down to bathroom and when kate came out she said she saw Maebe fromarrested development. while waiting for the format to come on kate kept her eyes on the vip section waiting for Maebe to make a move. she finally did and kate was on the move so we could get a picture for the blog. as close as we were we just missed her but i saw her on the way out the door and i agree it was Maebe. very exciting. Anyway the show was great. Even though i thought I out grew the format they really came out and and gave it their all. Anyway as i always do here’s a video if you want to check out the show. In other news i’m off to Ohio for a wedding this weekend so i won’t be around to hang out. I’m also going to put up a few shots in frames i feel like i’m a month behind.
Oh last but not least if you have a a bit of extra time on the internet sooner or later check a great friend of the the sites tony ritz’s site. it’s a great new blog i know you’ll all love it!

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