vacation day 5
so I do t know what happened but I think we made dottie mad. The last two mornings (including this morning) the continental breakfest has not been offered. This is alright with me but kate needs her coffee. I’m guessing if we see dottie on the way out there’ll be words. Anyway day five was all about the sun. Being that the weather has been a bit fall like the entire trip kate and I haven’t had the chance to get the golden brown roman like tan we planned on. After a quick bagel at a small cafe we set out to Jetties beach again. The sun was up but the air was still cool. We laid outost of the after noon and walked along the beach looking for some more treasures of the sea. After lunch we headed to a different beach on the other side of the island called Surf Side. Kate clames this is were the big waves are but they were still kinda small yesterday. After about an hour there it got cold so we headed back into town to get ready for dinner. We went to the White Elephant faceing the harbor. It was super classy so kate and I dressed up and looked hot with our newly tanned faces. I posted a picture of the view from the resturaunt. We fly out today at 7 so maybe we’ll buy you some taffy.

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