so I needed to take the R train downtown this evening so i was walking from work through the time square area. i looked up to see Meredith Vieiria (of the Today Show) giving me a come hither look i just couldn’t ignore and to be honest it made me blush. then i realized it was a billboard and she wasn’t really looking at me. what is Vieiria doing? has she got something to prove or is she some kinda wana be porn star. Even saying that makes me feel dirty i mean Meredith delivers the morning feel good news segments to families all over the nation everyday. why oh why would she make such a face for the visitors and tourist of NYC to see. If you think its just me look at Ann Curry to the right she’s laughing but i’m sure it’s a nervous laugh. Then there’s Matt, the corner stone of the show seeming to get as far away from “bedroom eyes” Meredith Vieiria as possible. Maybe this was just a mistake but i think it’s a cry for help, a cry i’m more than willing to try to ignore. In short i thought this was disturbing and wanted to share.

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