so what’s been happening? Well lots of work, a wedding, and more work. My cousin Krissy got married I’m Columbus Ohio last Saturday and I was in attendance. Big dr. John Diehl was there, and as always he was a great time and might have been the glue that held the wedding together. The good news was the reception had booze so john and I danced the night away because no one else would dance and I get board. On that note a wedding reception is infact a party so of your at one do me a favor and have fun. Oh what’s that? you don’t want to look like a jackass infront of your parents and family. Well do me a favor and suck it up and be fun it won’t kill you.
other than that this weekend cowboy kate is moving. She’s going about two blocks down the street in queens to a swank new 1bedroom pad. I’m helping with the move Saturday, and its going to ne the most organized move ever. Kate has her entire place boxed up and ready to go. The only thing out of her control is that one of her orignal roomates left what seems to be 3000 hanging anchors in the wall. The cool part is she wont come over and pull them out and spackel. The part that makes it extra cool is that when she moved out she stole kate’s tool box so even if she wanted to do it herself she couldn’t. In a word, WOW.
Lastly ian and I went out with the G2 kids for Cookies birthday. So happy birthday Cookie. It was great to see everybody.

Oh i almost forgot. NEW pictures in frames!!!! All the way from kate’s birthday to nantucket to last weekends wedding. Sorry for the delay but enjoy. Don’t forget to click on them and enjoy the magic.

PS…. For those of you wondering why I don’t blog more often with the phone I’m sitting on the C train tapping this in right now. If it reads a little weird that’s why.

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