If I know you, you’re totally looking for a new tumblr blog to follow. More specifically a tumblr blog run by Kate where she puts up daily images of everyone’s favorite cat buttFUZZ. Yeah for you buttFUZZ haters out there this is ganna be a hard pill to swallow. The rest of you are bout to have the best internet experience of your life. Enjoy the pictures and just be happy you don’t have to live with the cat devil that is buttFUZZ! Your probably thinking, “Paul, do not get my hopes up! Kate’s started blogs in the past and after a few months game over!”. This is a bit different Kate is able to run the entire thing from her iPhone. From taking the picture to posting it’s all done with almost 0 effort. She already taking tons of buttFUZZ shots so why not share them with the world.
Click on the link below to make this happen!

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  1. This is a huge over sight. The entire staff has been scolded and we will rectify the situation in a timely manner. Thank you for your patronage.
    dport7 CEO (and founder)

  2. Thanks. Do you have a tracking code for the stickers? I’m really hoping they show up today.

  3. Sadly I don’t. Is there a mail room in your office? Check that out. My cousin in Columbus, Jew in D.C. got theirs but that all I’ve heard from. Still out MT, FL, IL, CO. Should be there soon.

  4. Every site on the internet should have a buttFUZZ specific navigation tab.

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