happy labor day from the staff

so it’s labor day everyone and as always an extra day off always makes me happy to be alive. I don’ t want to sound greedy but most of us work all year long with maybe a week off here and there. For that we get one day of in September? It seems it would be less of a insult for our hard work if we got a “labor day” once a month. Knowing me and society we would probably complain about that to. It also seems appropriate to point out that not everyone gets today off. Doctors still have to work today along with waiters and retail workers. It seems like kind of a farce to call this labor day then. Is society saying that those people don’t work hard enough to deserve a day off? Of course not. But the rest of us are, when we go ape shit because we can’t get a latte on our well deserved day of rest………. What just happened I blacked out.

speaking of labor kate moved to a new one bedroom apt in queens on Saturday. Its up on the 5th floor with nice big windows for lots of light and cool breezes. A very nice size living room and a decent sized bedroom. A big thanks goes out to the swanon brothers who along with the dport7 staff made the move as painless as possible. The only thing that almost ended the friendship of the four of us was Kate’s 300lb treadmill. Ian and i battled that thing up the five flights of stairs only to have it win in the end. Its two days later and my legs are still screaming. After a tough day kate treated us to the queens beer garden for beer sour crout and sausage. A delight. She’s still got a lot of organizing to do but with anyluck she’ll have a little party to break the place in soon. Of course your all invited because the building has a great roof top. It would be a crime not to use it before the summer comes to a close.

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