what is it about tattoo’s that make them seem soo cool. of course we all know most of them all surrounded with a constant sense of regret. like the girl that got “miami spring break 2004” inked just above the crack of her ass, and now is the office joke. while other tattoos are a relevant life long tribute to someone or a constant reminded of something profound. why all the tattoo talk? well it seems every time i visit Kate we end up watching this reality show on TLC called LA ink. It’s pretty simple it’s just a tattoo pallor run by this attractive tv ready young women. For some reason the idea for this show is TV gold. the people that come into the shop either have a unbearable story of strife that can only be commemorated with a tattoo, or that polar opposite. Like the guy that came in a and wanted a tattoo portrait if his 5 year old cat ( which turned out surprisingly well). Either way it always leads kate and i down the road of talking about what tattoos wee would get. we both agree it have to be something that is hidden and not all together to complicated or trendy. although kate always mentions how her dream has been to get a portrait of Larry Hagman TV’s JR from Dallas (which i always think is weird, but cool). I thought it would be best for me to stay close to my dport7 roots and get the famous dport7 burst on my hand. very small but classy. of course if that doesn’t work out I could always get that portrait of Judith Light on my back.

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