so yesterday i went to the dentist. A few days earlier I felt a cavity on one of what i thought was a molar with my tongue. turns out it was my top right wisdom tooth. The dentist asked me if i was in for a cleaning when i got there at 8am. I said no, but check this out. He took a peek and said…. “lets pull that bitch out”…. i was like really? now? Then he gave me a look as if to say …… man up marsha. He left the room came back with Novocain and pliers and ten minutes later he held this in front of me. wow. I think i freaked out the doctor because right after he put it on the tray and put gauze in my mouth i jumped up and took a picture. I tried to get the nurse to get a shot of me and the tooth but see couldn’t figure out the camera. Then paid I and headed to work, which i arrived on time to. Bled my way through the rest of the day. if you see me today please no slaps in the face………. just thought you’d like to know.

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