mankind has spent it’s entire existence disputing and speculating on the presence of a higher power (God). on a personal level i have always believe that here has to be a higher power based on the fact that keith richards is still alive. Although i had never received a sign that i felt was directed primarily to me. last friday i did. as i walked to the subway after a late night at work my prayers were answered………. a chipotle is opening less then 2 blocks from my office. scoff if you must, but ever since i left my last job at G2 the decision has been haunted by losing the option for chipotle burritos 3 times a week for lunch. if you’ve never had a chipotle burrito you have been missing out on the closest thing to perfection (in the food industry) i’ve ever seen. What is my burrito of choice you ask? I always get the free range pork, black beans, rice, mild salsa, cheese, and lettuce. If you want go ahead and print this out so next time your near your local chipotle you can have the dport7 suggested bruitto blend. I snapped a picture for you and if i’m not mistaken it seems a if chipotle is glowing with holy spirit of restaurants….. do you think dport7 could be the patron saint of burritos? I don’t know if a website can be sainted but if so write to you local diocese and tell them to vote yes when it comes up.

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