it’s hard to describe really. when two blogs of this stature collide it is earth shattering. From friday at 9am to Sunday at 10am myself and brian lauvery/tony ritz/may other aliases enjoyed the very best of what chicago had to off. tony wrote a supurbe account of the events on suddenly struttin(believe the good things, i would never start a burrito fight). One of the highlights of the trip was a stop at threadless. Check out there site if you haven’t head of it. they recently opened their one and only store in chiacgo not too far from brian. From there it was off the the best hot dog place in the world hot doug’s. i had a BLT dog….. trust me crazy good. The rest of the day was spent at BOBinn a locals bar great time. i lost my grasp of concionsness at 9pm sadly and passed out on brian’s friend paul’s house (thanks paul). the next was more of the same good lunch some pumpkin carving and a uber late night getting to know more of the locals. also as a special surprise number2 jay purugganancame out for a few drinks a tons of fun. the kid can dance for real. Overall great time….. can’t wait till next year!!!!! lots of pictures in FRAMES!!!

if you’ve been reading this blog for a few years, you know how i hate flying because of delays and the people i sit by, ect. this trip was with out a doubt the best experiance ever. i even missed my flight home and had no trouble getting on the next one just one hour later. along with that both flights landed early there and back. SO united good on ya!!!!!! dport7 giving credit where credit is DUE.

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