kind of a weird weekend. didn’t do a whole lot but felt as if things happened anyway. first off lets talk about halloween. Although it falls on a wednesday this year people used saturday night to get their costumes on and take the town. i (as I so often do) did not buy a costume this year or participate in any holloween festivities. Mainly because upon entering the store every sluttie halloween costume joke i’ve ever made came true. check this out. along with sexy pirate and sexy nurse some company had the gull to producer sexy parking attendant. I thought halloween was suppose to be scary. I mean couldn’t we save face and at least do bloody sexy parking attendant? I know i have no right to complain but come on.

hey have you seen the trailer for the movie Juno? I saw it a few weeks ago and really got excited about this movie. It’s got some of my favorite people from arrested development. It’s about teen pregnancy but it looks really funny. The girl that plays the lead seems impressively talented. its always nice when a movie comes out that doesn’t look like complete crap. i put the trailer at the end of this blog so you to can get excited!

In other news OSX leopard came out on Friday. To be honest with you I’m really not that excited I mean I run an old G4 powerbook and spending 129 dollars on a new OS just makes me want to buy a new computer instead. I was at the apple store on Sunday and checked it out and felt a bit underwhelmed by it. The coolest new features are in iChat but i couldn’t test that out in the store. It seams like a good buy if you have a newer mac but i think i’ll just wait. Although if any one out there in blog land wants to let me borrow their copy for 2 hours i won’t say no.

tomorrow chipotle opens. it feels like christmas has come early!

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