So as you know the staff has been requesting Turbo sticker/t-shirt designs for at least a month or so. After much deliberation (of which was excruciating) we have picked a design with a few adjustments. The winning design comes from a co-worker of mine named Jenny. I added the Jenn Norwood cloud took off the frills and we have ourselves a winner. I have been working on a die cut so the sticker will be a offset shape of the crest rather than a square sticker.
Now your saying to yourself “Paul this is great and everything but what are we ganna do with these?”. Well here’s the plan. What I want to do is send a few of you in different parts of the country a stack and then with your cooperation start a twitter sticker post page. This involves you taking a picture of the stickers you put up. Be it in the bar, in bathrooms, subway stops, stop signs, cabs, hallways…….where ever. Then with your smarty phones tweet the pic @dport7 #dport7Sticker and I will have them post to a special pics page on the site. Let me know what you think…. I think this sounds like fun!!!!!!!

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  1. Social Media Expert Tip: You don’t have to “@dport7” if you use the #dport7sticker. People could just search for that hashtag or click on that tag and find all mentions of the it. Would this confuse people or could we just do the “#dport7sticker”? I know, I know, I know #NerdAlert

  2. So my thing is I wanted to see every tweet so I could quickly repost via flickr to the special dport7 sticker tweetpics page. If we use the #tag I’ll always have to be searching that right?

  3. Tweet streams on another page are sort of a blind spot for me. Lemme look into this, sure there’s a way…

  4. Uh! Did you not see the part about the cloud? And btw in many way it’s Turbo that has failed you…… think about it.

  5. A jenn shaped mystery wrapped in a bacon flavored enigma. Just like Banksy.

  6. Ginger! When they are completed I will send for your address and you will be our Orlando representative!!!!!! THANKS! and Hooray!

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