first thing first this has been a week of big news. (lets start with the stupid news first). as i mentioned in my last post chipolte opened this week around the corner from my office. it’s the kind of thing that kinda makes or breaks your work day. it resides on 8th ave between 51 and 52 street on the east side sidewalk. i have visited three times sine the grand opening. people say you can’t recreate magic you’d once lost. in this case those people are wrong. every bit of the three burritos i had this week were magical perfection. now i know what your thinking. “paul you know those burritos have the same calorie content as a big mac don’t you?” “you better watch out, your ganna get a big old gut just like 1980’s chicago bears defensive tackle superstar the refrigerator“. Yes i’m aware of that so relax. I’m going to start exercising or something but the burritos aren’t stopping. so get off my back……

in other more relevant news. (you really should have just skipped to this section). my long time girlfriend and resident cool person Kate, was offered a rather prestigious position (for her age) at Ralph Lauren this week. after too weeks of an intense test project and late night agonizing over details and concepts, she has reigned supreme with a great offer. of course here at dport7 the entire staff wishes kate all the best and are confident she’ll become a super star in the ralph lauren fold. in choosing a picture for this section of the post Kate recommended this one. apparently as you walk into the RL offices this picture of Ralph is huge and front and center. so put your tunnel vision and pretend your there.

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