so paul whatever happened with that birthday thing you were talking about?………… well it happened and i’m 27 now. there were several highlights. one being my good old best friend brian Lauvray flew in all the way from chicago to celebrate with me. brought me a great threadless tshirt from that chicago store. on saturday brian ian and i hung out at kate’s house being stupid. (i think there was a bit too many stupid guy stuff going on, so much to the point kate asked us to put a lid on it. although by the end of the weekend kate ended up the winner with the most repeated joke to her credit. (i’ll let you ask her about that). If you read the post before this one you knew the plans for the evening. we were at Galapagos in williamsburg which was a bit strange really. it was a hiphop show in the front room and a rock show in the back room. ether way the surprise was that Kate had contacted corn mo a few months ago and asked him to do some kind of shout out to me for the birthday. he kindly obliged and tried to get the entire crowed to sing happy birthday. then tossed a hostess cup cake into the cowed for me. so that was pretty cool. leave it to kate to seek out the more creative surprises for my birthday. the night ended with falafel that was the best food i ever tasted at that time.
I want to give a HUGE thankYOU to everyone that came out to help me successfully turn 27. I hope you had fun and i really appreciate it!

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