Hey everybody it’s time for the weekly check in. not much to say really i was kinda sick for most of the week so i didn’t go out or do or see anything really. although i did see something cool or all you flickr and facebook crazed people. it’s called eye-fi it’s a memory card for your digital camera that is also a wifi card. this means that when you take a picture you can then go to a wifi hotspot and upload that shot straight from the camera to your favorite photo site be it flickr, facebook, shutterfly, or whatever they support lots of different services. it seems like it could be really fun.

in other news, today was the first snow fall of this winter season, which is always exciting. it really turned cold here on saturday night and then sunday morning i woke up to a fresh snow fall. as you know sometimes i like to make a little video, so at the train stop i thought I’d try to catch a bit of snow fall for you.

(double click to play)

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