I’m ganna be honest with you I’m a little disappointed…………. The entire staff was pretty confident this new ” HELP make a COOL Turbo tShirt” campaign was going to be huge…… in truth is been a bit underwhelming. Listen this is a real problem. To complete this new site renaissance we need new tShirts, stickers, and bags. I could just put the Turbo figure on everything as is but I thought you the creative community could really make the idea take off. Now don’t get me wrong this hasn’t been complete radio silence. One superman member of dport7, Jay Purugganan has stepped up to the plate and put together a piece for us. Thank you Jay! It’s posted below with pride.

Listen I know your sitting there reading this now feeling like a real turd! Well, do something about it! Put you creative mind on alert and make this shit happen. Here is a link to the original post with all the details and an AI download so you can make magic.
btw you may have noticed that annoying Turbo tShirt Popup is back. Well, send in a design and it will cease.

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  1. Listen i sketched turbo down on a piece of paper so i could brainstorm and then I started drinking. I still want to contribute and I am, but love takes time.

  2. Do you really want some of us (me, for instance) attempting to design anything? I don’t think MS Paint even runs on my Apple II

  3. Oh it’s all like physics and stuff. I would like to order a minty green turbo model.

  4. Yeah I want to make a couple. I’ll give them to everyone that sent a design in so…….. You and Jay.

  5. Are you kidding me! Your about to get a priceless one of a kind piece of plastic that you can pass down for generations. Do you have any idea how important this is? Because it is.

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