So I know I said I would do some blogging this week and I let you down. Here’s the thing, I got to Denver on Wednesday with a bit of a cold and then come Thursday morning a blizzard blew into town. So Kate and I made a trip to the mall but with all that snow we couldn’t go far. Friday we went to see Charlie Wilson’s War at the movies. It was really pretty good, phillip seymour hoffman was as always the best character on the film I think we all can agree he’s the best. Saturday kate and I headed up to Keystone to do some big time skiing. Kate is a true talent out there on the slopes. On the first run down some snowboarding tool sacked kate out of no where. Leaving her shaken and bruised pretty bad. Like a champ kate shook it off and we went on to ski blues the rest of the day. Out of shape Paul is so sore today its laughable.
Kate’s parents have been wonderful hosts and the entire dport7 staff can’t thank them enough for everything. So thank you! Oh and thanks to rocket (the cat) I promise I didn’t steal anything.

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