alright everybody, well happy new year!!!! so for new years eve kate ian and i met up with michele and erin to go to allie’s place for a new years party. it’s kinda a weird college flash back. although we all collectively had a great time. I’m ganna be honest with you kate and i and everyones else for that matter bought in the new year with a bit too much to drink. it was great to see everyone.
Anyway lets talk about 2008. first off uncle urb and urbn cowboy is back. for those of you that have been around the dport7 halls for the past few years will remember. also bellafrench got a face lift for her site so check it out.
new years resolutions:
well i don’t really have one. i just want to do more dport7 stuff. for you the reader. so get excited.
check out the FRAMES for the last shotes of 07…… soon to be replaced with 08 (sorry for the quality most were taken with iphones)

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  1. Discovered a link to this post over at Delicious. I know i’m a little off topic, but i just wanted to say i love the layout of your blog. I’m new to the WordPress platform, so any suggestions on getting my blog looking nice would be appreciated.

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