can i just say I AM APPALLED at the new american gladiators not only did they pretty much just go to the back lots and dust off the old set but the new eliminator (the obstacle course event) is crap. i’m not sure how i feel about hulk hogan hosting this travesty along with some women that seems completely out of nowhere like they picked her out of the audience 10 minutes before the show started. now, lets talk about the gladiators. the new set of lady gladiators are for a lack of a better word, dudes. especially the one named fury. trust me watch it fury is totally a dude.

anyway went go carting on saturday pretty fun. turns out i wasn’t born to be a professional driver. the other guys are all about their track times. i’d rather just try to flip the cart and see if i could catch it on fire. guess i’m just not a competitor.

lastly kate and i went to kidrobot and i picked up a munny. i don’t know why they’re just kind of funny. these are do it yourself munnys so you can take some markers to them and do your own design. I have a bit of a problem when it comes to this. the munny looks so good all in white that i have a hard time dealing with the fact that i might screw it up if i take some markers to it. anyway i still need to name it so if you have any ideas let me know. hey check out the little accessories that come with the munny. he has a cape.

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